Style Tiers

Difference Between Standard, Camera Ready and Camera Ready Premium

We currently offer three different tiers for eyes to provide options for everyone, regardless of budget. 



Standard is our base set eye. These eyes feature a white sclera with mottled reds to give the illusion of depth in the eye.


Camera Ready

Camera Ready is our mid-tier eye. These eyes feature realistic irises with greyed scleras, mottled with reds, yellow and blues to give a greater illusion of translucency. 



Premium is our most realistic line. These eyes feature a hyper realistic iris, perfect limbal blend and a translucent, greyed sclera, mottled with reds, yellows and blues, providing a realistic illusion of actual tissue. 


All of our eyes are available in veined and un-veined options.


Don’t see the option that’s perfect for your project? All of our eyes can be customized to use any of our existing designs and various sized forms and iris sizes. 

Custom sizes and Iris paints can be made upon request. 

Please email us with any questions at!