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Hyper-realistic Eyes

Human, Animal, Creatures & More

Eye Displays

Available in Variety of Skin Tones, Designs & With and Without Hair


These are the most beautiful eyes! Not only is the painting detailed and lifelike, the cast shape of the eye is near physically accurate, so the refraction of the iris has that one extra layer of realism. Top notch!

Laura Cosner

Good communication. Customer service was great. The eye is awesome! Exactly what I wanted!


Perfect! These eyes were the perfect addition to my sculpture, they gave it life.

Jonathan Giddinge

Amazingly real, absolutely love them, I will 100% always buy from FourthSealStudios for my future eye needs! Thank you!

Lance Riendl

Additional Services

Digital Modeling & Sculpture

Hard Surface and Organic Modeling for Print, Prototyping & Digital Assets

SLA 3D Printing

Fine features & high detail, Smooth, injection mold-like, surface finish where a high level of feature details are required.


Are you an eye maker yourself, but don't have the forms or plates you need to complete your need project? Fear not! We've got you covered. We can make you virtually any size and any style, we can even make your molds for you!

We can also make any completed sets for your mask, bust or project/production!

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Client Gallery

A collection of brilliant artists from around the world featuring our eyes in the work